New Favorite Mug

Check out my new favorite mugs.  I’ve been inspired by all the plants coming up and foraging for wild edibles.  I love summer and plant life!  My love for all the green is multiplied by our long winters in Wisconsin!  I’m just so excited to learn all I can about the amazing plants that naturally […]

New Work Soon will be Available Locally

I’ve been working on a new group of work and it’s almost ready!  This group will be mugs, tea cups and bowls.  They will have matching black englobe exterior stripped with raw clay.  The interior space will be glazed with a glossy glaze, right now using midnight blue.  They will be available the end of […]

Clay Testing for the Wheel

I picked up a few new clays this weekend from The Potter’s Shop in Waukesha (Standard and Laguna) and Paoli Clay (Paoli and Continental) in Wisconsin.  For the next few months I’m going to be testing some new clays!  I’ll update you with the progress including my two cents worth on the clay bodies!  I […]

Process of a Piece of Pottery

Many have asked about the process of making a Mug or piece of Art.  I thought I’d  post about the process of a Mug since I’ve been making many lately, and I’d say that the process is similar for other pieces.   It all starts with Cutting and Wedging Clay:  When I make multiples I […]

Shipping the First Set of Mugs

I’m extremely excited to announce that I’m shipping my first set of mugs.  Praise God for this opportunity!  I was praying over these mugs each time I opened the kiln lid!  Maybe all mud minds go through the rollercoaster of excitement and anxiety of creating ceramic pieces.  I can say, these mugs are special.  Besides […]

First Fruits of the Studio

I’ve been working hard in the studio these past month or so getting through the bumps and kinks of making functional pottery.  These are a few of the first mugs and beakers that made it through the test firings.  There are so many steps and little nuances of making pottery that I have forgotten about […]

Trimming Mug on Pottery Wheel

Just a little trimming video.  There are a few steps in creating mugs or any pottery from the wheel.  Not all artists trim their pottery.  Trimming takes a little extra time and effort but it gives a nice finished look.  I’ve tried to leave some of my pottery untrimmed, but as they sat their on […]