Jambalaya Arts hosts my work for sale

Now you can purchase my art from Jambalaya Arts in Oshksoh.  You can pick up and take home in person.  I’m excited to be a part of what artists are doing in the local community.  Stop by this weekend for the Oshksoh Gallery Walk July 6th.  As always I can do commission work outside of […]

Plein Air Painting Oshkosh Wisconsin Event 2019

I had a wonderful time painting June 20-22 during the Oshkosh Fine Arts Association Plein Air Painting event and Sale on June 23rd.  I thank them for all their help and allowing me to participate in their well organized event.  The weather participated as well which is always nice for outdoor work.  I will be […]

Work Available Locally for Purchase

Now my new style of mugs and small salt bowls are available locally at The Village Good in Winneconne.  The Village Good is a sweet hidden treasure featuring a variety of handmade finds.  The Village Good is located inside of Fresh Salon Salon and Spa on Main Street in Winneconne.  Stop in for something unique […]

Love for You today <3

My new line of mugs is spot on! I’m so happy how they turned out!  I wanted to post a photo of one test mug with lettering and wrapping lines to share some of the love with you today!  You are loved ❤

Shipping the First Set of Mugs

I’m extremely excited to announce that I’m shipping my first set of mugs.  Praise God for this opportunity!  I was praying over these mugs each time I opened the kiln lid!  Maybe all mud minds go through the rollercoaster of excitement and anxiety of creating ceramic pieces.  I can say, these mugs are special.  Besides […]

First Fruits of the Studio

I’ve been working hard in the studio these past month or so getting through the bumps and kinks of making functional pottery.  These are a few of the first mugs and beakers that made it through the test firings.  There are so many steps and little nuances of making pottery that I have forgotten about […]

Trimming Mug on Pottery Wheel

Just a little trimming video.  There are a few steps in creating mugs or any pottery from the wheel.  Not all artists trim their pottery.  Trimming takes a little extra time and effort but it gives a nice finished look.  I’ve tried to leave some of my pottery untrimmed, but as they sat their on […]