Lake Winnebago Wind & Waves

This painting is a 16×20 acrylic painting done plain air style in Oshkosh over lake Winnebago.  What a great day.  I arrived just in time to capture some interesting clouds, although my style with this one is loose with thick paint.  I love painting like this with so much energy and light.  This one SOLD […]

Painting Tree For Sale

The inspiration for this painting was from a trip I took to Ireland a few years ago.  The painting is an oil painting 54.5 x 46.5 and is framed in a solid wood frame.  This is currently my favorite painting I’ve done.  I love the layers of paint running down the canvas.  I love staring […]

Painting of Grey Day Menominee Park Oshkosh For Sale

Framed Acrylic Painting.  This painting is framed in a solid wood frame. 15.5 x1 9.5.  This painting is one of a kind, an original painting.  This is not a print. This painting was painted during the Oshkosh Fine Art Association Plein Air Painting Event.  Everything was so grey that day because of the overcast sky. […]