This blurb is about the Studio and the Maker.  Hello!  My name is Amanda Kabat and im the Maker.  Stoney Tree Studio came to being through many blessings.  This venture was created though my passion for Faith and Art.  As God leads I want to be able to serve through my talents.  The name Stoney Tree Studio comes from a combination of all these things.  I love clay, but other artwork too: Stoney stands for my clay and ceramic endeavors.  Plus, I just love rocks and rock hunting.  The tree comes from my fascination with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the whole story that pans out between Adam and Eve in Genesis from the Bible.  Additionally, it represents my love for plants, trees, and nature.  I didn’t want my art to be limited to only pottery and clay so ended the name with Studio.  I hope you love it too!

Prior to the beginning of building my own Art Studio I taught High School Art for 12 Years in Wisconsin.  I enjoy showing others how they can turn different materials into creative expressions.  I hope others will enjoy my artwork and be inspired to follow their own passions though life.  I’m a Maker, an artist!  Though my main focus right now is ceramics, I love creating with many materials.  I hope you too are inspired.

On my nature side I have a vegetable garden and I’m buried in books on foraging, canning and fermenting.  Feel free to share your expertise with me anytime.  I’m eager to learn all I can about how we can use nature as nourishment.

This site/blog will be a testimony of my journeys through building my faith, growing to live more mindfully and naturally, and creating artwork and other things that are enjoyable for me and hopefully others around me.  I’ve just begun to build a studio.   I should say my husband is doing a lot of the construction so I can have time to do the fun stuff! I’m so thankful to have someone so handy helping me out.  I’m thrilled to be on this journey with my family.  God leads us to be able to help others through how we have been blessed.  Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Many Blessings~

Amanda – Inspiring Artist at Stoney Tree Studio