Super Supply Surprise

Had to share my biggest ceramic splurge yet!  I feel a step more official now that my load of minerals/chemicals has arrived.  I’m using these chemicals and minerals to  create my own line of glazes for my work.  I’ll be certain to share my recipes as I go.  I’m also searching for amazing glazes for cone 5.  If you are willing to share any tried and true cone 5 recipes I would be thrilled to see what you have.  One of my favorite online resources for glaze recipes is

Does the smell of clay make you happy?  Just the other day I  came into my basement, and the smell just delights me!  My house is smelling more like a clay studio every day!

p.s.  Anyone recognize my crazy title today?  We are Killer Bunny fans, I guess we still are, just haven’t broken the game out in a few months.  The game is pretty fun and crazy, if you like games with a lot of rules.  Takes a bit to get started, but then has a little bit of addictive qualities. The game is pretty fun, sometimes intense and doesn’t have a very climatic ending.  Over all though, it entertains us for hours!  We recommend it.



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