Crispy Grains Breakfast

I had to share this amazing breakfast I had this morning using some left over crispy grains.

I made the crispy grains to eat on a salad the other day by cooking quinoa and millet, mixing them, equal parts and then frying them in evo.

This morning cut some onion and broccoli into a hot pan and added left over crispy grains.  The grains already have a fair amount of oil.  When they were sizzling I cracked my egg and fried to my liking.

I cheated by topping with some feta (I’m trying to cut dairy, but these soft cheeses have a soft spot in my heart, or maybe all cheese does!)

So super yummy.  Side of orange juice with cinnamon and hot water, mixed.  I’m a Wisconsin girl, snow still on the ground outside, hooked on hot beverages of all sorts.

Breakfast of Champions… I mean Breakfast of Artsy Health Nuts!


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