Paoli Clay DSM 1/2 Review

This review is on my first experience using Paoli Clay’s DSM 1/2 102517.  I’m using it for throwing right from the bag at this point, but will update the review with glazing or other uses as I work through it.

Every time I use a new clay I’m excited for it’s properties that the last clay did not have.  This clay  has a little grog in it so not as smooth as some of the other clays I’ve tried.  I want to say that as long as your not pushing on the wheel were the water and grog are the worst, it was pretty smooth.  This clay has a finer grog than the Amaco clay with grog, so not as corse or rough on my hands.  Maybe this is a  property of clay with grog, but I found that it accepts water faster than some other clays.  It didn’t break down the clay while I was throwing but I felt that any water sitting on this clay would break down faster than some of the more plastic clays I’m using.  This clay washed up easier too because of that property.  It doesn’t stick to your tools or hands or table when wedging as much as some other clays.  So far so good.  This clay was also very fresh when I bought it.    I imagine this is a benefit of buying directly from the Company.  The downfall is when I pull the pieces from the wheel they mush a little where I use my fingers to lift.  Maybe this can be a new trait in future lines of my pottery!




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