Daylight Savings Compromise

Why don’t we turn the clocks forward or back a half an hour and call it good?  I know I would be so much happier not having to adjust myself and family twice a year to a new time schedule.  It’s only an hour, but for some reason it is a little struggle I just don’t see the benefit of.  Granted, I do not know the history of Daylight Savings Time, but I think we should review if it is relevant today.  Maybe it benefits the farmers or something crucial.  But if not, we should re-consider.  Maybe you can share your insight to why it is better to keep Daylight Savings Time.  I’m not sure what it saves, but it would save us some headaches and craziness twice a year if we could stop or I would propose the Daylight Savings Compromise, where we can turn it a half an hour either way and keep it there!  Just my two cents for the day.  Blessings~


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