Laguna WC401 Bmix Cone 5

This is the first clay I chose to check out after using Amaco for many years.  It is Laguna WC401 Bmix5 Clay: What a dream!  This clay is soft and very smooth!  I didn’t wedge it out of the box/bag and I found no air bubbles or uneven consistency of the clay.  I threw about 12 mugs yesterday with no problems.  I also enjoyed the white color of the clay, it is very pure.  Much lighter than the Buff Amaco Stoneware.   I’m anticipating how the glazes will turn out on this one!

Update for drying.  I found a few of my mugs cracked on the bottom while drying.  This is a little problematic.  I did not have this problem with the Amaco clay during drying, though the amaco clay, I did have a few mugs crack on the bottom during bisque or glazing for some about maybe 4 or 5 out of 115 mugs.  Which is a little disheartening with the Laguna Bmix because I had two crack out of 24 so far.  Plus since using the laguna clay I’ve been compressing the bottom inside instead of only sponging the water out before taking them off the wheel, so I thought I would have more success, but have not.

I also like to smooth out and double check things as they dry before heading to the kiln.  I’m not sure if I’m going to be clear about this example, but I smooth or buff things out with my fingers and I found that this clay doesn’t smooth to a shine easily, more very fine sand so it spreads or smooshes when trying to smooth areas.  It’s just not quite what I’m use to.  I end up taking clay away instead of smoothing into itself, if that makes sense?






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