Shipping the First Set of Mugs

I’m extremely excited to announce that I’m shipping my first set of mugs.  Praise God for this opportunity!  I was praying over these mugs each time I opened the kiln lid!  Maybe all mud minds go through the rollercoaster of excitement and anxiety of creating ceramic pieces.  I can say, these mugs are special.  Besides being individually hand made from: throwing on the wheel, footing, stamping, smoothing and glazing; they have a good purpose at heart.

Each mug has the word FREEDOM hand stamped onto the sides.  They are made to help support people that are making a living outside of modern day slavery.  I have posted below two of my favorite Ted Talks about modern day slavery.  They opened my eyes.  If you never watched Ted Talks before my disclaimer is that they can be addicting.  I enjoy watching intelligent people talk about various ideas!  These movies are amazing.  The first one is a photographers point of view with wonderful images of modern day slavery from many parts of the world, I picked it because of the art and the information.  The second is an equally informative video by the co-founder of Free the Slaves.  I’m not sure which video I saw first, but both are my favorites on the topic.  If you haven’t seen them it is worth your time.  If you watch a video feel free to comment with something you learned.  I’ve love to hear.

Modern Day Slavery

How to Combat Modern Day Slavery



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